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Search engine optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

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Our UK SEO services at a glance:

Traffic & website performance analysis

We understand how important it is to track the number of visitors your website receives. BF internet provides you with Google Analytics, Webmaster tools, SEO reports etc. to ensure that you can keep a track of how your online campaign is progressing.

We will also provide regular reports to help keep you informed and are only a phone call away should you wish to discuss your online marketing campaign.

Keyword research & generation

At the beginning of any campaign we carry out in depth analysis of relevant keywords to form the basis for your marketing plan. Once we have agreed on a list of key phrases, we can then start to implement these throughout the website and also use them as the basis for any link building campaigns. We work with you to come up with the best possible list of phrases to help drive relevant, quality traffic to your website.

Onsite & offsite content planning and creation
Onsite Copywriting

Your website can be the main focal point of your online presence. It displays to the world your ethics and objectives as well as showing how much experience and knowledge you have within your chosen sector. Online marketing, as with other marketing techniques, uses words as a crucial element for both advertising and brand promotion.

In order to quickly capture a visitor's attention, online content should be engaging and easy to read. After all, first impressions count therefore the content on your website should be as important as its design features.

Developing and creating good onsite content can be a very specialist field that requires planning, coordination and implementation from our professional copywriter, web designers and SEO experts. Getting a good balance of design elements, keywords and copywriting is essential for the continued success of any online business.

BF Internet has their own SEO copywriter who can offer the necessary creativity plus the latest search engine optimisation techniques. This allows your website to deliver content that has the right impact, is enlightening, and enjoyable in order to gain the best exposure for your website throughout the major search engines.

Offsite Copywriting

A website that contains relevant, user friendly and regularly updated content that has a good keyword density will be more likely to rank well in organic search engine listings. This is where a good SEO copywriter can help because they will be able to write fresh and engaging web content that will help get online results.

Here at BF Internet we understand that SEO copywriting is not only about achieving a good keyword density. Writing can be an art form that requires both skill and creative flair.

Our professional copywriter recognises that the creation of good content should contain relevant keywords that have been carefully researched. Not enough keywords and your content may struggle to have an impact on a search engine. If it is stuffed with keywords and the content is of a poor quality it could be considered to be spam and hinder rankings.

Writing content specifically for the internet needs to be a mixture of both creative and SEO expertise that should help attract more traffic to your website and more importantly, keep them there.

We can supply bespoke copywriting solutions that combine a mixture of off and on site SEO techniques. Our copywriter will be able to help you convey your message, from the initial keyword analysis to the writing of online articles, blogs, and public relations campaigns.

Ethical link building

Link Building is a primary element of Search Engine Optimisation although the service can be implemented on a standalone basis to link your website to other reputable websites. The importance of naturally linking to other sites is as a result of search engines reviewing the number of links a website has and this information is then used in conjunction with other key optimisation factors to rank a website within the Search Engine. It is, therefore, essential that for your website to achieve a high natural ranking it is linked to multiple sites. In addition, it is advisable that the sites with which you link are relevant for your browsers and offer added value to your products and services.

BF Internet offers One Way Links that are all secured manually from quality, theme based, high page rank websites and through adopting a manual approach to link sourcing, delivering a secure and safe linking environment for clients whilst creating a consistent link base from which to gain higher natural rankings for clients. The process is complex and, as with all methods of Optimisation, the key to success is time. BF Internet works with clients to ensure that link building forms an integral element of their Online Marketing solutions and could do the same for your business.

Website architecture optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is not just about keywords and links. The structure of your website plays a large role in your online presence because a well written website will help both search engine robots and human users navigate their way through the website easily. Not only that but a well put together website will load much faster, something which is becoming increasingly important in an age where mobile devices are becoming more prominent.

We can look through your website to discover any architectural strengths and weaknesses with regards to SEO. This may include looking at everything from your META data to navigation, page speed optimisation and everything in-between. Although many of the areas investigated when we look at website architecture may seem obvious targets they are often overlooked or can be optimised to help boost your online visibility.

PPC (Paid search marketing)

Pay per Click (PPC) marketing has influenced the way modern companies do business online. The use of PPC allows businesses to have a marketing campaign that is both flexible and controllable. This form of marketing allows you to set up a daily budget for the campaign with ease helping you to stay in control of the campaign at all times.

The management of your PPC campaign on Google (AdWords) is done in real time giving you the ability to adjust your strategy accordingly. It is perhaps of little wonder then that there has been a noted increase in the amount of money put into online retail spend which has continued to increase and shows no signs of waning. AdWords offers businesses a method of quickly gaining page on results on Google and can be used as a standalone project or part of a wider online marketing campaign alongside SEO and social media management.

Here at BF Internet, we will help you generate a list of optimised keywords/phrases as well as creating a well written advert and helping you choose the correct landing page. In doing this we can create a campaign that will help to ensure that the keywords trigger the most relevant ads which in turn will drive traffic to the chosen landing page.

One-time SEO 'MOT's'

Your website is the online face of your company and when running well, lets people know who you are and what you are about. If however, your website is not doing as well as you would like, then perhaps it's time to think about having a 'tune up'.

As part of our Search Engine Optimisation services, BF Internet can offer a website diagnostic package. We always recommend that SEO should be an on-going process to see the best results but if this is not possible then our diagnostic package is designed to be flexible in its approach in order for it to address the priorities of your website and online presence, or more simply give you the jump-start you need for online progression.

Every website is different, which is why it is so important to offer this flexible approach. Once we have established which areas are in need of attention, we will then work with you in order to determine the best approach in order to improve your online presence.

This 'one off' SEO service incorporates 10 hours of work. This includes, our initial investigation, carrying out any work needed and providing you with any support, or explanations required throughout the process. Some of the SEO services offered as part of our diagnostic are as follows:

  • Website Analysis
  • Site Information, domain age, etc.
  • Usability of website
  • Keyword analysis
  • Back link check
  • How SEO friendly is your on-site content
  • Check effectiveness of Title & Header Tags, Meta Data & Alt Tags
  • URL Analysis
  • Navigation & Internal Linking
  • Is the homepage being served more than once?

Once the website analysis has been carried out, we can then supply some or all of the following components in order to better optimise your site:

  • Onsite content optimisation
  • Title and Header Tags
  • META data and Alt Tags
  • Internal Linking
  • Robots txt file creation
  • Analytics installation
  • Webmaster Tools Installation
  • XML sitemap creation and upload
  • Link Building

If you are interested in undertaking our one off SEO diagnostic service then do not hesitate to get in touch with us where we would be happy to discuss the matter further with you.

On-going Search Engine Optimisation packages

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process undertaken by any website in order to achieve good rankings in the search engine results or (SERP's). For most people of course, when we think about search engines the first thing that comes to mind is Google because it is responsible for the majority of search queries and is the most popular search engine. However, that is not to say that the other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing are not important as they too can drive relevant traffic to your website.

We believe that SEO is an essential part of any Online Marketing campaign and is the best way to improve a business's online presence which in turn will help it to gain better rankings in the organic search results.

The SEO team at BF Internet have proven expertise in both achieving and maintaining good search engine rankings. Our team also keeps up to date with the regular search engine algorithm changes that are rolled out. We can then adapt our online marketing techniques if necessary to ensure that your campaign is kept on track. SEO is a blend of online techniques that requires expert knowledge and experience. For these reasons we use a series of adaptable techniques including quality SEO copywriting, Web Design and Web Development services.

Although SEO is an essential part of any online marketing campaign it should never be thought of as a quick fix. SEO takes time to become established but once properly implemented can deliver a higher page ranking, click through rate and conversion ratio online, making for the highest ROI compared to any other type of marketing.

It is important to remember that the internet is in a state of constant change. This is why we not only react to these changes but try to be proactive to ensure that any online marketing campaign stays competitive. Perhaps most importantly, we not only understand that SEO is essential but that it needs to be cost effective for your business. For this reason, all of our campaigns are quoted for on a per site basis.

Social Media Management (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

Social Media is fast becoming one of the most popular ways for people to communicate, socialise and network online. This is why here at BF Internet; we provide Social Media Management to our clients.

Social Media Management can be an effective way to help your company spread news and information about your business, product or services. We offer a range of solutions on networks including Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. This can include anything from simply setting up the accounts ready for you to run, populate and manage yourself to running a social media campaign on your behalf.


Why choose to use Facebook? The main purpose of having a Facebook business page is to improve your brand awareness. Facebook is the largest social networking platform in the world with currently over 500 million active users. Of these users, it is estimated that 50% log onto Facebook daily. On top of this, people spend around 700 billion minutes on Facebook every month. Facebook business pages can be used to promote your services, events, competitions or products and allow you to have a presence on the largest social network.

As the demographic of Facebook users becomes older, these users are often the decision makers when it comes to online purchases or using your services. BF Internet can build a business page and update accordingly to promote your business and campaign. This will help to increase awareness about your brand and drive traffic to your main website.


The use of Twitter continues to grow and grow with everyone from children, students, business people, celebrities and everyone in-between all signing up for an account. On average there are 175 million registered users and on any one day there are around 95 million tweets.

Although Twitter "tweets" are limited to 140 characters, this medium provides a great way to give your audience news about products, promotions or even just to create more awareness about your brand. Twitter posts can also appear in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) because search engines such as Bing and Google now look for real time results as part of their algorithms.


The YouTube channel is the second most used search engine in the world. This means that if your business has video content then it makes sense to have a presence on this search engine.

Uploading your videos to YouTube will help to increase your online presence by allowing you to share your content and get the highest amount of impressions. YouTube videos appear in the organic listings too giving your message even more exposure too.

Product Promotion (Google Product Search)

If you sell products online yet you don't use Google Product Search then are missing out. Google Product Search or Froogle as it was previously known was first launched in the UK back in 2004 and is a free service that allows companies to have their products displayed in the shopping results on Google.

For instance, if we were to do a search for the phrase 'trilby hats' then you would see on the first page of results some shopping results for trilby hats. Typically, there are three or four listing with a small thumbnail image but these results can be expanded further by clicking the shopping tab at the top of the page or the text “Shopping results for trilby hats”. Doing so will take you to a whole section dedicated to shopping results powered by data uploaded to Google.

In order to get your products listed on Google product search, you will need to open a Merchant Center account with Google. This is a straightforward task and can be accessed from the settings link in your Google account. Once registered, you will be able to upload a product feed that will keep your product list up to date. The upload of the feed can be set to daily, fortnightly or monthly depending on the frequency your stock changes and you can specify what time you want the feed to run. Our Get-Trolleyed system can help you with this by uploading the automated product feed, we would be happy to discuss setting this up along with you on your behalf.

Once you have got your feed up and running, you can then turn your attention to optimising it to give your products a much better chance of being placed near the top of the list (remember, the top three or four listings appear on the first page of Google).

There are a few simple things you can do to give your product feed a better chance. Be careful not to overdo it though because this can be more harmful than doing nothing at all. Ensuring that you have some keywords in the title and description of each product can help to improve your placement in the shopping results. Also make sure that you all products in the feed have an image associated with them and if possible, the name of the image relates to the product.

Sample search rankings achieved for our clients:

  • Over 20 top 5 positions for broad product related terms: e.g. tablecloths, table covers, tablecloth, tablecloth shop, vinyl tablecloth, wholesale tablecloths -
  • Over 10 top 10 positions for location based terms: e.g. Lancaster Dentist, Botox Morecambe, Dental Implants Lancaster, Facial Centre Lancaster, etc. -
  • Over 20 top 10 positions for location based terms: e.g. spas in Lake District, Lake District festive break, 4 star hotels in the Lakes, Lake District breaks, hotel Windermere -
  • Over 20 top 10 positions for brand & product terms: e.g. Charnwood Woodworking Machines, Bandsaw Blades, saw benches, dowellers, Sedgwick Machinery, Sheppach Machinery, SIP Machinery -
  • Over 10 top 5 positions for broad sector terms: e.g. glasswashers, commercial dishwashers, commerial microwave, steam combi oven, back bar fridge, bottle coolers, ice making machines -
  • Over 15 top 3 positions for broad sector terms: e.g. tattoo shop, tattoo kits, tattoo equipment, tattoo accessories, tattoo inks, tattoo supplies -

Why Choose Us?

Building long term relationships is very important to us. 77% of our SEO clients renewed their contracts after the initial campaign has ended.

When deciding to undertake an online marketing campaign, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can be an invaluable part of the process. SEO involves the development of your website so that it can rank higher in organic search engine listings as well as the submission of optimised articles, blogs and content to allow for a better online exposure.

Here at BF Internet, the SEO team has a wealth of experience in order to achieve and maintain good rankings within the search engines, boost overall online presence and of course increase traffic. We also understand the importance keeping up to date with the frequent changes to the search engine algorithms and altering our techniques accordingly.

It should be remembered however, that even though SEO can be an essential part of your online marketing campaign it will not be a 'quick fix' solution. Instead, SEO is an on-going process that takes time to develop to its full potential. Once the optimised website has become established, it can help to achieve a better page ranking, click through rate and online conversion rate.

The way we approach SEO is to listen and work alongside clients so that the right online marketing solution can be achieved. We aim to deliver affordable yet effective SEO solutions whose objectives are to meet and maintain any long term marketing goals.

Before undertaking any work, we carry out an in-depth site analysis of a website combined with detailed keyword research. We always use 'white hat' search engine optimisation techniques, both on and off site and we will keep a close eye on your campaign making any necessary tweaks or changes to enhance and improve your overall service.

Using a combination of techniques, we help to ensure your online presence continues to grow. Our understanding is that SEO is a mixture of providing solutions that are not just effective, but affordable too. We have a mixture of packages that suit the different needs and expectations of the modern business world. Our goal is to drive high quality, relevant traffic to your website that leads to sales.

Expert Technical Help

What's more, because BF Internet is not just an SEO company, we have expert teams of programmers and designers on hand to take care of any technical aspects of the optimisation process. Everything is done in-house with no need for outsourcing.

Dedicated Account Manager

There is nothing more frustating than ringing up your SEO company and never feeling like you speak to the same person twice. Here at BF Internet, you will have one point of contact to manage your campaign.

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